IT demanded course ansible, jenkins, terraform, and packer with best price in Udemy

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Click Jenkins for more details about Jenkins course and support. In this course, you will be learn Jenkins in details and integration with few tools like Packer, Terraform, Bash, Shell Script, Maven, Java and many more. Jenkins Download and Installation in Windows 10, Jenkins architecture with horizontal scaling and pros and cons. Jenkins Pipeline, and N-number of Jobs for diff diff tools.

Click Terraform for more details about Terraform. Step by step learning of Terraform, with real time examples. Terraform installation to execution on n-number of example like AWS resources creation and destroy. How to install Terraform in Windows 10? Terraform Provider, Variable, Resource, Data, Output, State (Local and Remote), Writing Module, Terraform Reverse Engineering and many more.. Terraform code uses for multiple environments, e.g. Development, QA, UAT and Production. Creating Terraform configuration files and running a website with AWS Resources like, AWS EC2, VPC, Subnet (Public and Private), SG and many more.

Click Ansible for more details about Ansible course. In this course you will be learn: 1. Ansible installation in different way and in different environments, including Vagrant, VirtualBox, CentOS7 and in AWS Cloud environment. 2. Ansible Architecture in details like Inventory file, Playbook, Modules, SSH, and many more. 3. Ansible Variables, Playbook, Inventory, Error Handling, Custom Module and almost all examples with demo. 4. AWS Overview 5. Ansible BOTO (Provisioning AWS resources with help of Ansible module) . Kindly have a look on Lectures heading for more details.

Click Packer with other 5 tools for more details about Packer with other five tools course. In this course, we are going to learn Packer in details, where we will be learn Packer commands, Authentication, Variables, Builders, Provisioners, and Post-Processors. Terraform at intermediate level, where we will be learn how to installation of Terraform, Authentication with AWS, and provisioning AWS resources by Terraform HCL. Jenkins installation, configuration, and creating new jobs. Integration with Packer and Terraform. Vagrant installation and configuration and how to create vagrant box file with Packer template. And finally all demo will be done in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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IT demanded course ansible, jenkins, terraform, and packer with best price in Udemy
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  1. thx and ansible course help me ....

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    1. Current best price: ₹360 Expires in 5 days End date September 29, 2020 9:05 PM PDT

      * Jenkins (Mastering in Jenkins with other Tools)

      * Packer, Terraform, Jenkins and Vagrant in AWS Cloud (5-In-1)

      * Terraform for AWS by Examples

      * Ansible Hands On in On-Premises & AWS Cloud Environments

      * Git (Bitbucket) in Unix or Windows

      * Packer (Product of HashiCorp) Images from Scratch in OCI

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