What are the best source for learn Infrastructure as a Code by Terraform in AWS?

Learning infrastructure as a code by Terraform in AWS one of most demanding and highly paid job. 
Terraform tool can create reproducible infrastructure, reproducible production, staging, and development environments, shared modules for common infrastructure patterns,  combine multiple providers consistently, terraform makes it easy to re-use configurations for similar infrastructure, helping you avoid mistakes and save time as a declarative language HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language). 

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Alternate tools for infrastructure as a code are as follow:  
AWS Cloud Formation, 
Azure Resource Manager and Google Cloud Deployment Manager, 
Ansible is an infrastructure automation tool created by Red Hat, the huge enterprise open source technology provider.

And many more, but best one is Terraform.

Now come to the point, best source for learn Infrastructure as a Code by Terraform in AWS are:
1. Online 1-2-1 course, but it will costly and you need to depend on trainer and institution.
2. Buy Terraform for AWS by Examples course in best price in Udemy and learn independently as per your convenient time. 
3. Initial learning on YouTube, in free but you will not get all stuff in single channels and you need to move here and there.
4. In blogs post but again in single blog, you will not get all in single blog or post with introduction to module and implementation. 
5. You can buy terrform books but again it will not up to date as now in market we have latest version of Terraform (0.12.28)

In sum, it's our recommendation to learn latest version of Terraform (0.12.28) with well explained in single course and it's best course you can buy in less price Terraform for AWS by Examples 

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